Thursday, December 14, 2006

dead season

it i find the desire to have a taste, let it dissolve away.
finding new paths through empty and worn down roads is a pasttime.
keeping my mind on track of what i am trying to say is hard when you
distract me.
self discovery vs. self awareness.
i'm not ready to discover love, and am not aware of how quickly it can fail.
if you could only see the blackness in these veins, it'd be all you need.
call me vain.
i hold myself high in some aspects, like how i treat my friends, but if you asked them what is my biggest flaw, it is not believing in myself.
you sit there too in the corner of this dark century.
unloved, and broken skinned.
seal the wounds with a touch of the remote.
can we really make it through the last scene?
my eyes are the reason i'm such a good actress. they distract you away from what i really think.
i think you need to lay down.
take a break, come back when you know what you're looking for.
here she is, wishing the stars were out to burn.
that way the night would be so much warmer.
it's dripping down the edge of the bottle.
watching dreams fall through.

sing me a lullaby so that death might just be a little easier to stand. i want you there when i'm gone, so you can see me with my palest face.