Wednesday, June 28, 2006

you're like a goddamned fairy princess, and I'm a punchbag for the worlds worst asylum.

It's sad to see how you waste your time reading books about peoples lives and then trying to change to be exactly like them. This depression in this moment is making me sick to the bones. I feel like shoving out the world for one minute and putting you on the map for the worlds worst driver, as well as its best known victim. youre the cat in the window, watching the rain and the cars go by every hour of every day because you've never really liked looking at the stars. Instead you find the interest in the industrial city we live in, and I can't even bear that you won't come out at night when all is well and the ones who aren't afraid of the dark can see.

you dont even know me and still i believe we are like the best of friends. we cant see each other, but its like we are reading minds and watching the same old movies again at the same time. one of those twin connections they have. if we are so alike, how come we've never bumped shoulders. Maybe we have, I just never noticed until the public eye gripped you like a wild animal caught in a trap. writing poems about you is the least i could think of, but i also made a promise never to let you down if you ever needed something. tears fall down from hollow eyes and a beauty thats less convincing than a crossdresser just pains me.

break out.