Monday, July 03, 2006

the dragon loves the fire ; just as well he doesn't get burned...

it's dark. not the weather, not the songs i listen to, but the heart pumping in my chest. it's so full of hate it's disfigured like a lung on pot. i can't believe i am saying this, but for once i feel like i have absolutely nothing to console me. not even the things i've devoted my life to. not again, not this same feeling i get when i hate someone so bad, but i can't get rid of them.
it's alright, there is always someone else there to fill in the gap. it makes me sick to think about having that time where I was stuck right beside them in the car. it made me sick yesterday just to see how torn up he was with the way you treated him. you're tearing us apart, and it hurts more than anything. you've just decided to burn the flesh of that soul which could help others, now it just burns to kill whoever gets in its way. thank you for that. you like the way i'm pissed off when he treats me like a theif. how could you.
you're evil.
you're self-righteous.
if no one stops to help you, they are nothing.
you can't turn off the light yourself.
you make me or him do it. you bitch. you selfish cow.

Burn In Hell.