Thursday, November 08, 2007

then you go and cut me down...but wait...

I've been thinking a lot lately.
Throwing my faith out at nothing.
Nothing I want to get involved in.
This isn't MY project, it's hers.
I need to find my own.
Someone else to try and save.
Someone that will cherish me and not stab me in the back.
It's hard though, because there is no silver guarantee card to come with it.
Sorry girl, but I can't waste time helping you.
You don't like me as a friend. I can see this.
I'm just another broken record on your waiting list.
So do me a favor, forget about me as I forget about you.
You're not a friend to me, no more.
Notice me. For once.

But I'm not getting better.
I'll get worse.
Let this progress, even as I digress.
But I'm always failing.
I can't walk without faith,
and without wings, I feel smaller.
I'm losing hope, and grace,
ever second that I waste.
And I'm still waiting for him.
That one soul to depart me.
Will he? Before I can stop the nature of this matter?
I want to keep warm in his skin.
But I'm freezing forever more in the waters of my hell.
I'm drowning.

You lied, Well, I'm still waiting...