Friday, July 28, 2006

in the end it's still a bad dream, and the all the good dreams were bought by the stars.

i realize now, it's never going to happen. you probably know what I'm talking about, but that really doesn't matter much. just this little note to say, i loved it and hated it, but i will go on in life. foods a waste of time, so is the supermarket. let's not go shopping and famine for weeks. we could be like movie stars. of course, that's how we'll end, prima donna, and a kick in the ass. show yourself off, or keep quiet, there is no in between. you can't be artistic without being emo, you can't have a lot of friends without being a snob.

i'm the nothing, the shadow in the corner of the room. your worst nightmare and your greatest love. the shoes that you never wear, because you don't like their dirt brown colour, or the face in the mirror telling themselves they need plastic surgery to fix that naturally beautiful look.

i'm there. just ignore me.