Sunday, January 13, 2008

color me

there is ice hanging from eyes undivided.
i've seen them faded more than once.
they stare at her with a glazed vision.
but it's not relative.
there are lights that define the wicked.
and they're pulling me closer.
bring me some of that unkindly demise,
for i am finding this dramatic ensemble a little thick.
you were never there to ever care,
so why the angry expressions?
i've done what's right by my eyes.
there are flaws gently placed in each,
for they wait to awake.
but their actions fold over,
and they are lost to their brooding.
i would never have thought a cunning creature such as you,
would be the untimely death of a good thing.
and now, to sleep, for you have gone and said...
and your mistakes will forever color me.