Sunday, June 22, 2008

as estranged as i normally am, i'm so sure about this...

rarely ever am i so convinced of something.
though i think god gave me a lucky break tonight.
i realized what i wanted in life.
there is more appreciation to be had than just wading in shallow waters.
soon enough i'll submerge myself, and all my dreams with me.
i'll swim forever to greet them.

my heart is making plans for a flying machine.
one that will fly me to you in an instant and
keep me there for hours so i can see you in the best light.
blinking dawn.
i wanted to appreciated by you as much as you
mean to me.
as fraid as i am, i've never been more convinced,
like i said.
same words running through my head.

you're in my head.
and i doubt i'll ever be able to kick you out.
i love your antics, as some of my friends might call them.
i love the way you say things and mean them, but also
can take a joke and know when sarcasm is a social tool
not used for hatred.
i've known you in your best light, and i've imagined you in your worst pain.

but honey, growing pains can't change us...
they only build us stronger.