Saturday, June 14, 2008

i don't want to be your cover story, i just want to be your best friend at night

i woke up to a kind sunlight dashing through the curtains.
i heard arguements i didn't care for.
life is ticking clocks, and broken bones.

everything i stare at and need, everything i hear...
you're a million miles away,
and a million miles more experienced than me.

people don't know what they do for others until they hear a cry, a plea of insanity.
"you saved my life, you know,
it's sad you almost took yours to get there."
i want to take your life in my hands, and keep it safe so i never have to see you in a grave.

i'm selfish to the point where i don't want my friends to die
"because i'd be lost without you."

the cat sleeping on the bookshelf doesn't have to worry.
neither do i...
but i've got more people to impress.
she is natural at this.

finding love in maker's mark.
the whiskey tastes bad but i'd never leave it for disaster.
but i never drink. so it doesn't matter.

nothing mattered except to be with you.